Greetings! If you're here just to visit or because you would like to purchase from us, you're in for a sweet treat! We sell a very nice blend of Clover and local Wildflower  Honey and we also have a not-so-common (in these parts anyway) Buckwheat Honey!

Let's not be wasteful! We use the wax from our hives to make lotion bars, candles and lip balms as well!

Our bees work hard all summer long and we have many hives strategically placed on a couple of local organic farms, where no chemical treatments are applied.

I will make one promise to you: If you taste our Clover Honey and then taste any other commercial honey (honey bought from a grocery store or supermarket) and you don't like ours better, we'll give you your money back. We're highly confident (and maybe a little biased) that our honey is absolutely delicious. 



P.O. Box 674

Brandon, SD 57005


Tel for Honey: 605-940-4811

Tel for Beeswax: 605-759-3354

Fax: 605-582-2052

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